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10 fun facts

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10 fun facts about Cambridge!

  1. All woman / family owned
  2. We love our pets!! We often bring our 5 dogs (between the 3 owners) to work with us, and they all have their own car seat 🙂
  3. We have the most amazing team–and I’m not just saying that! Get to know ’em! they are not only amazing employees, but great husbands, fathers, wives, daughters, sons, and friends!
  4. We think that life is too short to fold the fitted sheets. Meaning, we don’t take life or ourselves too seriously. We get business done, but have fun at the same time.
  5. We are all addicted to Starbucks. Literally. Someone in this office makes a Starbucks run at least once day and we are gold card members.
  6. Random fact alert: The youngest person in the office is also the tallest!
  7. Random fact alert: We are an office of bad eyesight. We all have contacts or glasses to see.
  8. We have potlucks each month!
  9. We took our employees to Disneyland this year! Last year, we sent them on a shopping spree! Each year we do something FUN!
  10. Most bizarre emergency page: Resident called and asked to have fried chicken delivered to their apartment because they were sick.

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