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Your New Purr-Buddy!

Rosemary is a 10 year old Calico sweetheart whom is currently in Foster Care with San Diego Humane Society. Her foster mom says this about Rosemary…

  • RosemaryHer favorite thing is being scratched under the chin, and being brushed. Also, just having you near her. When I read she is content; after kneading her blanket she will curl up and take a nap. She likes to sit beside you, and will occasionally climb up on you when you are lying down; however, she does not like being picked up and held.
  • My favorite thing about her is her sweet, gentle nature and the way she talks to you when you visit her.
  • She has her own room and either sleeps under the bed in her bed, or sleeps on the bed in her ‘nest’ of old bathrobes and blankets.
  • She is more than likely a ‘one cat household’ cat.
  • She does especially well if I keep a routine; i.e. feeding, interacting, etc.

For more information, CLICK HERE

Also, get ready for the Kitten Shower!

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