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Sandy has come a long way since she came into our care! When she was first transferred to us from another shelter, her sudden bouts of fearful – almost frantic – behavior was a bit confusing since she was usually very social. After working with her and helping her build trust and confidence, we were able to determine some of what was so terrifying to her. The leash, in particular, and the process of being leashed (and any collar handling), was very scary for the one-year old Golden Retriever Mix. We have since been working with her on getting more used to such exchanges and making positive associations with them, as well as reinforcing calming behaviors.

Now, Sandy is known to be quite tolerant (not to mention wiggly and affectionate) with her people friends, although she can still sometimes be a bit fearful in new situations. But thanks the confidence building games we’ve been doing with her, she is quick to warm up and show her sweet nature.

Although she has made a lot of progress, Sandy will need ongoing training in the home, and we are hopeful that there is someone out there who will enjoy continuing her training and appreciate the special bond it can help form, as well as its many benefits and rewards. We know that with someone like that, Sandy can continue to thrive and become the wonderful companion she is meant to be! Is it you??

San Diego Humane Society has a group of special animals called “Hidden Gems.”  These little gems are wonderful companion animals that are not “on display” in the public adoption gallery because they do best in a calm and quiet environment outside of the public adoption area.  Meet Sandy, and other dogs and cats looking for a loving home!

If you are interested in meeting Sandy, come on over to our San Diego Campus or call us at 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro! Please have her Animal ID (190854) ready so that we can best help you.

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