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Why Yes! Yes You Should Adopt a Pet this Weekend

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San Diegans love their pets, this is undeniable. Being a native, you may not realize this. However, coming from another state, this is something I quickly caught on to upon moving here. Around here, people bring their pets everywhere, and I mean everywhere. To the grocery store, to the shopping mall… I saw a lady at Target just the other day walking around the store with her dog in what appeared to be a doggy stroller. Is this a real thing? I’ve even seen people sitting at the bar with their dogs for happy hour. Normal? In my opinion… not exactly. Awesome? In my opinion… YES!

So, it only makes sense to accommodate this great love San Diegans have for pets right? Right! So yes, this is the part where I tell you about our pet policy because it is indeed awesome. Just about every single property managed by Cambridge is pet friendly. We don’t think anyone should have to break a sweat over having to pay $50-$100+ on top of their rent to have Sparky live with them. At Cambridge we have a one-time pet deposit. $250 for dogs, $200 for cats. That’s all!

Nice and affordable right? Just the way we like it! Something else that is awesome and affordable?  This weekend’s promotion at the San Diego Humane Society. For just $15 you can take home the dog or cat of your dreams! So if you’ve been wanting to get a furry child to push around in a doggy stroller or perhaps accompany you to happy hour (great conversation starter if you’re new in town – just saying) consider this the sign you have been waiting for!

If you do adopt the pet of your dreams this weekend, let us know about it will ya? We love hearing about this kind of stuff. From everyone at Cambridge, we wish you a happy and safe weekend!

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